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SCCM Tool Training in Hyderabad

SCCM Administration Training

Overview\Discuss of Windows 2012 R2 for Configuration Manager

Active Directory



Windows Deployment Services


Group Polices

Sql Server 2014

Discuss Interview questions.

Overview of System Center 2016 (Current branch 1606) Configuration Manager

·         Introduction to System Center 2016 Configmgr& Features
· Comparisons of 2007, 2012, 2016, 2017 SCCM
·         Overview of System Center 2016 Configuration Manager Architecture
·         Overview of the Configuration Manager Site System Roles
·         Overview of the Configuration Manager Optional Site System Roles
·         Overview of Configuration Manager Deployment Scenarios
·         Overview of the Configuration Manager Client, SCCM ports

Planning and Deploying a Stand-Alone Primary Site

·         Planning a Configuration Manager Stand-Alone Primary Site Deployment
(Primary Site, SecondarySite, Central Site)
·         Installing a Configuration Manager Site Server
·         Performing Post-Setup Configuration Tasks
·         Tools for Monitoring and Troubleshooting a Configuration Manager Site

Discovering and Organizing Resources

·         Configuring Boundaries, Boundary Groups& uses
·         Configuring Resources Discovery
·         Configuring User and Device Collections
·         Configuring Role-Based Administration
Managing the Configuration Manager Client Agent

·         Overview of the configuration Manager Client Agent
·         Deploying Configuration Manager Client Agents.
·         Managing Client Settings in Configuring Manager
·         Monitoring and Configuring Client Status
· Overview of Machine policies

Managing Software Deployments by Using Packages and Programs

·         Configuring Software Distribution (Application, Package)
·         Configuring Packages and Programs
·         Distributing Content to Distribution Points
·         Programsdeployment to Configuration Manager Clients

Querying and Reporting Data

·         Introduction to Queries
·         Managing Queries
·         Configuring SQL Server Reporting Services

Managing Inventory and Software Metering

·         Overview of Inventory Collection
·         Configuring Hardware Inventory
·         Configuring Software Inventory
·         Managing Inventory Collection
·         Configuring Asset Intelligence
·         Configuring Software Metering

Creating and Deploying Applications

·         Overview of Application Management
·         Creating Applications
·         Deploying Applications
·         Managing Applications

Deploying and Managing Software Updates

·         Overview of Software Updates
·         Preparing the Configuration Manager Site for Software Updates
·         Managing software Updates
·         Configuring Automation Deployment Rules
·         Monitoring and Troubleshooting Software Updates

Implementing Endpoint Protection by Using System Center 2016 Configmgr

·         Overview of Endpoint Protection in Configuration Manager & Endpoint Features
·         Configuring and Monitoring Endpoint Protection Policies

Managing Operating System Deployment

·         Overview of Operating System Deployment
·         Preparing the Site for Operating System Deployment
·         Overview an Operating System Image (Customimage, Zero touch image)
·         Deploying an Operating System: Windows 10

Managing Compliance Settings and profiles

·         Overview of Monitoring Compliance Settings
·         Configuring Compliance Settings Automatic
·         Viewing Compliance Results

Configuring Wake on LAN, Power Management, and Remote Control

·Configuring Remote Control        
·   Configuring Wake on LAN
·         Overview of Out of Band Management
·         Configuring Power Management Settings

Maintaining and Monitoring System Center Configuration Manager

·        Overview of Configuration Manager 2016 Site Maintenance
·        Performing Backup and Recovery of a Configuration Manager 2016 Site
·        Monitoring Configuration Manager 2016 Site Systems.
·   OverviewConfigMgr 1511/1602/1606/1610/1702
.        In place Upgradation of SCCM 1606 to SCCM 1702 Version

Mobile Device Management Using System Center 2016 Configuration Manager

·         Overview of Mobile Device Management
·         Managing Mobile Devices by using the Windows Intune Connector
·         Deploying Application to Mobile Devices

Discuss Interview Questions of SCCM.

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